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Randy Krise, CCIM
C: (239) 633-8672

June 24, 2022
Speaker: Randy Krise, CCIM of Krise Real Estate Group
Topic: Education Roundtable: The Market and Problems Encountered with Contracts and Leases

“People want to be successful – they want to borrow someone else’s diploma. Learn how they did it. People ask me everyday how I got started in commercial real estate. How I made my money and became successful. I was an investor first, before I was a real estate broker. Like the CEO of a large corporation that starts in the mailroom, I learned the craft by doing it. I had to prove my resume by wearing the toolbelt. In 1978 I purchased a 6 Acre tract of land for $23,000 with 78% owner financing against the advice of my parents who were very conservative. Six months later that property appraised for $155,000. I was sold on the real estate business. I knew it was going to be my future.
Over 40 years later I am the owner and broker of Krise Commercial Group, a commercial brokerage licensed since 1984. Licensed in the states of both Florida and Georgia, I hold the coveted CCIM designation, an accomplishment that taught me the world of professional real estate.
I always wanted to make money in real estate. For the first 20 years I made some very good acquisitions that had good returns. However, if I had pursued my CCIM designation earlier in my career, I believe that I would have made considerably more money. What I learned was, the type of investment is as important as the cost of the investment. In the beginning, I was young and bought what I could get without considering long-term investment quality. What I didn’t realize is, I could have gotten any type of asset I wanted with the same money, I just didn’t know enough about commercial real estate to make an educated choice. Who wouldn’t say that it was a great investment if you purchased a 6 acre piece of land for $23,000 with only $5,000 down and owner financing, then sold it 24 years later for $895,000? I loved it, but all those years that I held it, I had to pay for land, taxes and associated other costs of owning vacant land. Years later, armed with experience, and understanding income-producing investments, I had other people paying my cost of owning land, including the equity and other associated expenses – for me.

I had to learn to make money for myself before I could make money for you.”

-Randy Krise

June 10, 2022

Topic: Estero Developments

Mary Gibbs, AICP

Director of Community Development

Village of Estero

O 239-221-5036

C 239-980-7732

VillageofEstero logo.webp

May 13, 2022

Topic: The Future is So Bright We Have to Wear Shades

Kevin B. Anderson


City of Fort Myers

O 239-321-7020

C 239-980-7732


APRIL 22, 2022

Topic: Meeting the Current Challenges

Benjamin R Siegel, CPA, CM

Executive Director

Lee County Port Authority


APRIL 8, 2022

Activities, Tools & Impacts Related to Lee County

Dana Brunett, Director, Business Development

Lee County Economic Development Office |

Office: 239-533-6813 | Cell: 239-357-1583

Dana Brunett card.png

MARCH 11, 2022

Topic: Future Road Projects, the Workings of the MPO and the Funding Process for Transportation Projects

Don Scott, AICP

Executive Director

Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization

FEBRUARY 11, 2022

The Court's at Your Service

Liza King, Chief Deputy Court Administrator

Administrative Office of the Courts

Twentieth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Liza King_Business Card.jpg

JANUARY 28, 2022

Topic: Construction Management Delivery Process

Dan Adams

Stevens Construction


JANUARY 14, 2022

The ROI of Sustainable Energy Efficient Developments

Diana Giraldo

CDR - Community Development Reimagined